Monday, July 25, 2005

Bocce combines the strategic and intellectual demands of chess, the physical challenges of the decathlon, and the sublime poetry of Zen archery

I just want to say I love the game of Bocce. What was once an average lawn game to play with friends and family has become a competitive force to be dealt with. B.O.O.B.S. - Bocce Organization of Beer Swillers - is a league started up by my brother, Paulie, and Jim. Each week they get together, drink, and play bocce. To make matters even better a Rochester group is starting up - an East and West division, with the winner of that becoming grand CNY BOOBS' Champion.

I somehow was able to get off work on Saturday and able to go to the Bocce Tournament held at the fairgrounds. First game was at 9, we started drinking at 9, and lasted all day until 4:30. Sitting in the sun, drinking beers, and playing bocce all day is hard work. Sadly no teams from BOOBS received a trophy but we came close due to two games the Brothers Martino and Team Black Ball should have won. Lack of consistency and courts we were not used to were the real causes of our defeat. We made an impact however, with kids complaining that we were "wasted" and constantly being asked what the deal is with our official looking shirts. Raised some money for charity, played bocce, and drank all day is if you ask me a quality day and worth the trip home.


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