Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Everyone is a consumer. As much as we would like to think otherwise marketing has an effect on each and everyone of us. We are all part of a demographic where some marketing agency has been hired to reach us. Counterculture, artists, writers, scientists, anarchists, taggers, hipsters, 18 - 35's, film makers, mathematicians, etc, we are all just a group. While many get out of the high school clique mentality, marketers do not.

Yet for as long as time has passed advertisement has existed. We can even go back to when bartering was the trade of choice, we have been influenced by a description and look of a product. The giant watermelon that's cheap and bright green but infested and spoiled on the inside. The washed and waxed sports car that has a spotty engine and no transmission. The sparkly bronze sword over the grimly looking steel blade. Appearances are everything and our buying decisions are made off of them. However, we seem to have entered a new age of consumption.

Look at an ad and tell me if you ever just see the product. Clothes I can understand. You want to show how people look in it. Same goes for makeup and some other wearable products but look at everything else. Every ad has a person in it. These people are beautiful. Straight from Greek workshops they are sculpted figures of Adonis and Helen. An ad for Glad Wrap has a very attractive 35 year old women and her "two kids". Who knows if she even has kids or even if she's 35. But man my cucumber lasts for weeks before it gets bad.

Paris Hilton uses a pink Motorola phone. Was the phone bought by many because it has a quality piece of software, gets good reception, contains many necessary features or is it because in the newest issue of US Today Paris Hilton was seen talking on it after being paid X amount by Motorola for that exact photo-op. Viral. These phones are sent months before to "it" celebrities on the basis they will be seen with it. Why advertise when People Magazine is doing it for you. Coach Handbags got more advertisement in a month then they did in their entire history from the amount of people with them. Now every Sue, Jane, and Tom has a Coach bag and everyone is looking for the next big thing.

Stop worshipping celebrities.

Stop treating them as some sort of sun deity, a walking god, holding them to a platform of righteousness and dignity that you can not even hold. You scuff at Brittany getting drunk when two nights ago you did the same thing. You call Lohan a slut and last week you slept with two different people in the span of three days. Yet you were only having fun. Is this a job for them?

People make mistakes or decisions and all honestly they are allowed to. Celebrities just do it in fancier places with more money and with less repercussion. Just because the judicial branch holds them to a different standard does not give us the right to be judge, jury, and executioner. Stop with the terms and stop with the labeling. You're only angry at yourself.

TV and print is a reflection of yourself. You are disgusted with how those in the limelight act. Yet they are yourself. You made the puppet in your image and now are shocked he's misbehaving and lying about it.

You are disgusted with what you have become. What out society has become. We're ashamed that when our ruling bodies lie to us we don't go after them or care. Instead we go after adoption of third world babies and deaths of playmates. Stop and look at yourself for once. Slow down and smell the napalm.

We never had a royalty. We rejected the notion of honoring a symbol of a country that has no power. And yet we have begun to treat Hollywood as our Buckingham palace. Our Queen is some random actress. Our king is the hot singer. Our prince is the most current "hot" director. Our princess is the latest trust fund heiress. People have died from this. You killed Marilyn Monroe.

The ravens have left the Chinese Theatre; prepare for invasion...

Stop following trends. Stop following the made path. To use a cliche, take the road less traveled by. You are middle class. Similar to past countries, the middle class dressed and acted like the current elite in hopes that they too would be equal. Acting like the upper does make you the same. You have more in common with those below you then with those above you. They don't like you. They mock you. Stop adding fuel.

Dressing like the National Inquirer will not put you in it. It makes you boring. It makes you unoriginal. It makes you a poor copy of someone who is just copying someone else. Trends all come from some place and mostly it is from those who have their eyes open. Look and you'll see all around you the latest trends years and months before. It's amazing what occurs when you open your eyes. Open your eyes and listen, a world will be unleashed you never knew existed.

Hard work, diligence, and luck is what gets you to the top. Why was a king a king? Someone in his family long time ago had those three qualities and now is family is coasted. Let them coast. Change the system from within. They are blind to you. You can take over.

I hope the ravens never never return...


Anonymous Mis-Informed said...

I'm! Different!

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Caitlin said...

I honestly could not have even imagined saying this better.

10:53 PM  

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