Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'd give you freedom if it was free

I was reading "V for Vendetta" tonight and the attitude of the book, along with some of the secular reactions to the Catholic church has gotten me in an odd shape. While I consider myself liberal and at times extreme - I believe in over taxation, health care for all, education for all, food for all, shelter for all, and most of all freedom. It's difficult for me to believe we live in a world where a man on the street can be dying of hunger and celebrities are force starving themselves to meet a fixed weight ideal set by the standards of society. Only the rich have eating disorders.

I go to school, I go to work, and I go to bed. I socialize, I read, and I write.

Yet what for?
Where am I going?
What am I trying to accomplish?

At times I feel the need to rip of the chains set my parents and myself and reject everything. Pick up my can and my pen and tear apart the fabric of falselessness and overlay it with messages of truth and reality. Anarchy seems at times to be the way to go. When all said and done, whatever exists we can start again. Somewhere we went wrong. I'd hope that in the end we will make it right, yet I know we won't.

It's a shame that children exist whose only taste of milk is from the hard nipples of swollen breasts atop a bloated defiled corpse.


Anonymous Caitlin...again said...

Pain is inevitable, but suffering optional. Sometimes I wish to just force feed others personal power. As simple, it's incredible to have the choice of our attitudes & responses to any situation.Perceiving challenges as opportunities instead of stumbling blocks, for example. No circumstance demands suffering, every circumstance has a silver lining & we have to recognize our inner power & cherish it knowing that right there in that moment, WE have the choice to go down either path. I know what freedom you are talking about, and I can get so upset & angry over how this whole system works, but if i keep doing that I will drive myself nuts. This coming from me, of all people... my government is myself in a sense. I relish in my freedom to choose, to feel, and to act. No government, law, or health care plan can take that from me. If i constantly wrap myself up in it, even though I fight for it everyday almost...I have to remove myself & just unfortunately stand by,continue to work hard for those who need & watch this disgusting, corrupt system break & ruin everything American was built on. I totally turned this into a self help thing, and it's ridiculously long. Wow, haha sorry! I meant what I said to you though-beautifully written & I want to people watch in a park in the city & just talk.

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