Friday, August 12, 2005


Alot has gone on in the past few weeks, too much to actually write it up in detail so I'll summarize in order of good and bad

Good: I've moved to a house in Park Ave and I love it
Bad: I hate city parking

Good: Every week a new concert pops up that I buy tickets for. I'm broke due to a music shop being walking distance and my need of seeing live music
Bad: No one has heard of half the bands and I feel pretensious and smug and an asshole when I talk about them.

Good: I got the new Royksopp cd
Bad: There's a horrible drum and bass inspired track and it's more dancey then jazzish.

Good: I started work on a 9000 piece puzzle
Bad: I want to buy the 12,000 piece one next

Good: I don't have to pay for school anymore
Bad: Nothing at all bad about that

Good: I get to see Coldplay, Rilo Kiley, Bloc Party, the Kills, and Sigur Ros in a 10 day span
Bad: Sigur Ros and Bloc Party / The Kills cost me as much as the Coldplay / Rilo Kiley show

Good: I'm traveling to Penn State / Philly in 2 weeks to help a friend move
Bad: She's moving

Good: For the first time in three years I spent an entire day playing a videogame - Resident Evil 4.
Bad: I beat it


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